My Favorite Children’s Easter Book

There seems to be an endless amount of great children’s books for the Christmas season, but great Easter books are harder to come by. There are a few out there and just today I discovered another that I want to check out, The Story of the Easter Robin. As I’ve searched for great books for this season, there is one that has been my favorite since I found it a couple of years ago.

Easter in the Garden is the story of Micah, a young Jewish boy living in the time of Christ. The author has captured the heart of a boy while giving a glimpse of some Jewish customs, and telling the highlights of the Resurrection story. As the story unfolds, the reader feels the boy’s anticipation, fear, confusion, sorrow, and eventual joy.

The illustrations are very pretty watercolors. David Wenzel captures Micah’s feelings in every expression. My knowledge is limited, but I believe that he’s depicted Jerusalem at the time fairly accurately.

This is one of the moments in the book that makes Micah seem a real boy.

Every year that we have read this book, I have ended up teary-eyed. The author and illustrator have done an incredible job of bringing the story to life from the viewpoint of a young boy. If you haven’t added this one to your collection, I highly recommend it!


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