Disappointment, His appointment

Last night I got the supplies ready for our typical Wednesday schedule. We usually go to piano lesson in the morning, then the library, and end with the park. Along the way, we do our schoolwork for the day. I prepared last night making sure we had all our school books and necessary supplies, the piano books, our library books to be returned, and lunch to have at the park. Before he awoke, my older son started coughing quite a bit. I don’t care to let him share germs, especially with his piano teacher, who is expecting a new baby, or her daughter who is probably about 1.5 years old. So, we cancelled our plans. We were all disappointed. Later, I noticed that Ryan wasn’t coughing very much, which made the change all the more disappointing, but God had a plan to give us a blessing and to use us as a blessing!

My younger son is learning about butterflies this week in school. As part of that, our family is raising 5 butterflies. We’ve had the caterpillars for several days. Yesterday, one pupated into a chrysalis. Just before going to bed last night, we noticed that the other caterpillars were hanging in the “J” from the top of the container. I got the idea to watch a time-lapse video of caterpillars becoming butterflies. There were a couple of neat ones on YouTube. This was my favorite of the videos and follows the species we are raising (Painted Lady).

We thought that we might have five chrysalides this morning, but there was still only one. Later we looked and there were three. Soon after that, I looked just as one of the caterpillars was shedding his skin! I called the boys over and we watched the caterpillar wiggle and squirm until the skin fell to the ground. We were all very surprised at how much it moved! It looked like a chrysalis, yet it was swinging around a lot. It seemed as though it might fall off the tiny silk pad, but it didn’t! That was a neat blessing — to see that really happen right in front of our eyes, not just on a screen! The boys thought it was really cool and exciting.

Shortly after we received that blessing, we had the opportunity to bless our neighbor. The lady came over and asked if she could borrow a butter knife because she was locked out of her house and wanted to try to pry her window open. I gave her one, but also came out to see if I could help her. When I went back for a better tool, Ryan told me that he had prayed for our neighbor to get into her house. I passed the message along to her. She was grateful and mentioned that she and her boyfriend don’t have a church in town and she was interested in maybe coming to our church. Very shortly after, the window pushed open! We talked as we worked and she told me that she recently found out she is pregnant, unexpectedly. Due to that and the window being too high for her, I went through for her. Now I have learned how I can pray for her and encourage her. We don’t always realize when God is moving us for His purposes, but it was clear that He had a plan for this day that was outside my knowledge or foresight! And by His plan, He has opened a door for me to be able to speak into her life. I pray I will be a good steward of that relationship and bring Him honor in words and actions!

While the disappointment in this story is very minor, what about broken relationships, cancer, death, and more? God is the same and is still at work. Look at Joseph, Job, and Esther. Throughout the pages, the Bible teaches us that God is sovereign. When we don’t understand why, we can turn to the Who and walk knowing that we are in His hand.

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