Keeping Consistent

I knew going on the cruise would be difficult for Ryan. He has a hard time adjusting to new places and situations. Like me, he quickly feels overwhelmed when surrounded by many people. The first day of the cruise was the hardest with not much fun going on as we checked in, found our room, did the safety briefing, etc. Finally, by the time dinner was done Ryan told me that he wished we hadn’t come on the cruise. I brought both boys down to the cabin to get ready for bed. As we prepared for bed, Ryan’s biggest concern was, “Will we be back home for Christmas?” I assured him that we would, then pulled out The Advent Book. This is a special book we have that goes through the Christmas story. It has beautiful pictures hidden behind doors. We have read it with the boys every year since Ryan was 1. I’m so thankful that we brought this book with us! We almost forgot it, but on the way out, Ryan asked about it, so my loving husband took us back home to get it. This piece of consistency gave Ryan great peace. As we sat together and read the book, his smile returned to his face. When I finished reading the 17th door, I closed the book while he jumped up and sang Away in a Manger. Then he said, “It’s time to pray!” Every night we always pray with the boys before they go to bed. Often we have to get on his case about complaining or causing distraction to the prayer, but on this night, he was so happy for this consistency that he prayed first then quietly listened. I am so thankful that we had a bedtime routine we could take with us! This one bit of consistency saved my sweet boy from complete despair the first night!


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