Book Review- With:Reimagining the Way You Relate to God


Reimagining the Way You Relate to God

By Skye Jethani

Published by Thomas Nelson

With is a thoughtful look at what life looks like in five different ways of relating to God. Life from God, Life under God, Life over God, Life for God, and Life with God. Jethani seeks to help Christians understand why so few experience the life of freedom in Christ.

Skye does a good job illustrating each way of relating to God. The author brings out both examples and principles from the Bible to assist in explaining the problems, benefits, and results of each way of relating to God. However, I grew weary of looking at these. From the beginning of the book it is clear that “life with God” is the ideal relationship. Once I understood what the other ways of relating looked like and how they fell short of the abundant life in Christ, I wanted only to be more encouraged to know what a life with God looks like. The first half of the book could have been halved and the latter half doubled. Also, while the writing is clear, it lacks passion. I longed to get excited with Jethani about the life with God. Instead I felt a bit like I was reading a textbook. Overall the book was good, but I would only recommend it to those who enjoy classroom type reading.


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