Bil-Jac Follow Up

Several weeks ago I posted about doing a dog food taste test with Kip. As part of the BzzAgent community, I got a free bag of the Bil-Jac dog food. In return, I am supposed to give reviews and spread the word about good brands. We have been pretty amazed at the change in our dog with this food. By my observations of his bowel movements, he seems to be healther.

He also is happier. Ever since we had our second son, we have had trouble with him peeing whenever we leave him out. Most of the time he is kenneled, but since we noticed a change in his behavior, we decided to try leaving him out. Occasionally he still leaves us a small mess, but for the most part he exhibits good behavior!

He completely refuses the old food now. This wasn’t something we were hoping for — the other food was cheaper! But he is part of the family and we are happy to give him this small pleasure, especially since it means less clean up for us!

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