I Am A Dancer

Since I love to dance, and specifically dance unto the Lord, I was thrilled to find this book at the local library a few weeks ago. I love the whimsical art and how the author and artist have turned all of life’s movement into dance. There’s only one thing I would change — on the next to last page, it says:

And whenever the beat of the world’s heart moves into your fingers and toes until you leap and turn and take off…

Change “world’s heart” to “God’s heart” and you have an excellent book!

After finding it at the library, I checked it out to see if I liked it and could possibly use it when I teach young girls dance classes. I then looked for it to purchase and scored a great deal, getting it for $5 on Amazon! They’ve since raised the price back to $22. God gave me a special little blessing that day! 🙂

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