Small Gifts in HIS Hands

Almost exactly two years ago, God began working mighty new things in my heart while on a women’s retreat. When I drove to the retreat, I was in chains of my own making. I was bound by shame over things I had done and things done to me. By the time I drove home, I walked in freedom. The following Tuesday morning at the women’s Bible study, our worship pastor was leading us out in some songs. We sat for at least two songs, but my heart was soaring! In my head I was seeing visions of dance. When he began Revelation Song, I couldn’t stand it any longer! I jumped to my feet, and stepped by a side wall so I wouldn’t be a distraction to anyone. Looking back, our worship pastor is amazed at what followed, and has told me so multiple times. Revelation Song had touched my heart the first time I ever heard it. It was one of my favorite songs at the time and I had secretly danced to it in my kitchen a few times. No one knew, but God and me! As I said, my heart was already soaring, then when we sang that song, I was in my own world dancing away. But then, he (the pastor) said my name and drew me back to earth. And he asked me to step up and do what my heart was already doing. A million different thoughts went through my mind, but it was easy to push them all down because I felt rather like a caged lion and I wanted to be free to do the leaps and twirls in my heart! So I did. And not very well because I was out of shape, out of practice, and terribly nervous with all the women there! But that opened the door to two years of neat opportunities to exercise His gifting in me.

When I have looked at this gift, I have always thought it a little shabby. There are others that are far better dancers. There are others that are far better leaders. And there are others that are far better choreographers! But even the smallest gift in His hands can bring forth great, beautiful fruit! He simply asks us to give what we have and let Him do the rest. This is the greatest way that we can worship! The very first piece I choreographed speaks this so well. The movement isn’t perfect, but that’s the point, isn’t it? He takes our imperfect gifts and turns them into an aroma pleasing to Himself! For this I am incredibly grateful! (And as a note, the hearts of the people must have been drawn Godward in watching this, because several people afterwards mentioned that we should do it again! He used the imperfect for His glory, proving Himself faithful with our small gifts!)


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