Well, it often happens that I might run across the same Scripture a couple of times within a few days, but this is just too crazy! Thursday I ended up in Psalm 17 twice in the same day — unplanned by me. Curious about the phrase “apple of His eye” I cross-referenced Deuteronomy 32:10. I posted about that here. Then yesterday, Friday, I was listening to a podcast that I had missed a couple of weeks ago. Nancy Leigh DeMoss, while speaking about desert experiences for the believer, referenced Deuteronomy 32:10. More about that here. Those circumstances were enough for me to know that God is working, confirming what He’s trying to show me. Sadly, I must be very, very stubborn! This morning I opened up a journal to write out a prayer. On that page were the verses from Psalm 17 that speak of being kept as the apple of His eye!!! Three days in a row I have read, heard, or studied about being the apple of His eye! And only one of those times was by my design. But really, even that was His Spirit moving me. How many other times have I glossed over that phrase and thought nothing of it?!? I don’t know what God’s preparing me for with this, but I am thrilled to know that I am so precious that He will guard me as the apple of His eye!


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