Science Experiments

This week we’ve had quite a bit of fun in science and there is more to come! Alex’s theme this week is apples. Everything centers around the letter “A,” apples, and bearing fruit in Christ. So yesterday we did an apple taste test and made applesauce!

Ryan’s theme is Jesus, the Bread of Life. Later this week we’ll make bread. I’m a bit nervous about that. I tried once and failed miserably, but maybe this time will go better! Today we did a yeast related experiment that tied into some air experiments we did a couple of weeks ago. The mixture in the bottle is one cup warm water, one tablespoon sugar, and one tablespoon yeast.

Approximately 15 minutes after placing the balloon on the bottle


About 45 minutes later


And this would be moments after I told Alex that he couldn't take the balloon off because he would make a mess. I made the mess instead!!!

3 thoughts on “Science Experiments

  1. What a cool experiment! My son loves science experiments so I need to try this one 🙂 We’re a few weeks out from A-a-apples but we’ve made homemade applesauce before and loved it! If you don’t have a homemade bread recipe yet, here’s one I’ve made that is really really easy and pretty much no-fail! It doesn’t take long to rise and requires less than 5 minutes of kneading 🙂

  2. Thanks! I haven’t looked for a recipe yet, so I will definitely try this one! Something fun for the apples that I didn’t do because I’m pressed for time this week is using a cross-section as a sort of stamp with paint. It’s always fun to play with food!

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