Worshipping with a Heart Like David’s

Not only have I been studying the Psalms recently, I am also reading them in my daily chronological Bible reading. And now I’m singing several of them!

This morning, I studied Psalm 15. It’s a short psalm that basically describes a citizen of God’s kingdom. It reminded me that I’m completely incapable of citizenship without Christ. Yet, it also was exciting to read it and have God bring to mind specific ways that He is working His righteousness in my life! Humbling and encouraging is always a great combination!

Later in the afternoon as I looking at my chronological reading for the day, I came to Psalm 63. The entire psalm was really encouraging, but verses 3 & 4 struck me as something that I needed to pray and determine to do.

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips will praise You. So I will bless You as long as I live ; I will lift up my hands in Your name.

So I did. Then I shared it on Facebook. A friend responded with this song, which I really enjoyed.

In fact, I enjoyed it enough to go listen to the preview of the album. I enjoyed that preview enough (and had a little $ on the account) to get the album. I loved that the second song on the album is based on Psalm 15. What are the odds that my friend who knows the song inspired by the verses I quoted would be one of the few to see my Facebook post? Well those odds aren’t staggering. But then add to it that this song was on an album with another song inspired by another psalm that I had been studying the same day! There are ten songs on the album. Two are generic (not from a specific place in Scripture, but very Biblical) and one is the previously mentioned song. So of the 7 songs remaining, what are the odds that from the 149 other psalms, one of those songs would be my psalm? Well, if you want to get technical, the odds are 7/149 or about 5%. I’ve certainly seen lower odds, but it was still pretty cool! I don’t think it’s a sign from God, but I do see His hand blessing and encouraging His child. 🙂

Well, while listening to the album several times over, I had ideas for many dances. However, the one song that I like the most is Steve Camp’s The Lord is My Rock. I couldn’t locate it on YouTube! That’s the first thing I’ve ever tried to find on YouTube that just wasn’t there! But you can hear the preview here, if you’re interested.


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