Taste Test

There is a website that I joined some months ago called BzzAgent. Basically, members sign up to receive items that they normally use around the house, then comment about them on blogs, Facebook, in the BzzAgent community, etc. I recently got to join a campaign to test Bil-Jac dog food. One of the things that they wanted us to do was give the dog a taste test and video it. We did and it was fun! Our dog Kip had never seen or smelled the Bil-Jac food before. Usually, he picks up a piece of food, carries it off, plays with it, crunches it up over the floor leaving a mess, then returns for more. The mess he makes drives me crazy! He also likes to play a little game. He’ll bring a piece of food nearby and drop it on the floor. He’ll wait for you to make a move to get it, then he’ll snatch it up and carry it away to eat it. That said, I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking!

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