The Two Become One

Last night my husband took me out on a date. We watched Dolphin Tale. It was a sweet movie that has almost no truth from the story that “inspired” it. I love dolphins. There was a time when you couldn’t walk into my living space without bumping into some sort of dolphin. I’m no longer obsessed with them, but I do still love watching them. Actually, not too many people know that I really wanted to work at SeaWorld as a dolphin trainer for a long time. I asked the trainers questions about what to major in during school and what other training to pursue. Though I was on a teaching scholarship, I still had it in my mind that maybe I could do that after teaching. But while learning to barefoot waterski, I did a typical gymnast thing and pointed my toes. That’s good for gymnastics, but not at all good for skiing! I went down on my ear. Ever since then, even being under 3 feet of water is too much pressure. To be a dolphin trainer, you have to be able to swim down to the bottom of the tank. So I let that idea go pretty quickly!

All of that has nothing to do with the title, so I’ll get on with the point! After the movie, we went to the beach to enjoy the sunset. The moment we stepped onto the sand, we both pulled out our phones to take a picture. Then we walked down the beach we saw a couple of crabs. I pulled out my phone to shine light so we could see them better. I looked up and saw that he was doing the exact thing at the exact moment as I! I laughed thinking that it’s so true — we become more like-minded the longer we live and grow together! We truly do become one. It doesn’t just happen because we live under the same roof, but because we truly take time to understand one another, experience things together, and serve one another. I think that the same is true about my relationship with God. I can live under His roof, but if I want to become more like Him and really enjoy Him then I must seek to understand Him, experience Him, and serve Him.

On a side note, our worship pastor has triplets. Two of them are boys and they came over to hang with our two boys so we could go out. They made my night when we walked in the door and both of them, almost simultaneously told us that they had fun! One of them has a fun blog here. And the other one I thought had stopped blogging, but my husband just directed me to his new blog here!

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