Answered Prayer

A few weeks ago, I posted about my lack of faith in praying. The Sunday prior to my writing that post, I had a conversation with a friend at church. She shared with me something that her family was going through. I am grateful to the Lord to be able to say that He moved me to pray for her! Right then! No promising to pray, then forgetting. In that moment I really wanted to pray something very specific for her family. But I didn’t have the confidence to pray that specific thing aloud. So I kept it in my heart. Then I came home and I prayed some more. And I prayed that specific thing again a few more times. This week I was thrilled to learn that God gave a big yes to that prayer! He not only did exactly what I was praying for, He did it sooner than I imagined! I’m certain that it was His Spirit prompting me to pray that specific thing.

This thought brings me back to my petulance of yesterday. I stated “but I do want God’s best and I know that in his perfectly good, sovereign plan He is doing something great.” And His best for us is always Himself. I’ve wondered what to do with the extra time now on my hands. And I’ve begun to seek ways to fill it. However, now I’m realizing that the extra time would be best filled by seeking Him in prayer. It’s not that I haven’t been praying. I do frequently. But every time I hear stories of D.L. Moody, Amy Carmichael, and others we would call prayer warriors, I always wish I was like that! I don’t find myself wishing that I was like other types of faithful ones. So this would be a really great time to grow in this spiritual discipline. And what a great lesson this could be to my boys! In our Christian culture today, everyone is so busy! We are so busy that I several of my friends who have talked to me about getting together are hardly ever actually available to do it! It will be great for my boys to see that we don’t have to fill our lives with busy-ness. But that we can be about the business of God by being on our knees. And while I’m on my knees, I will be asking for opportunities to dance. I will be asking that the incoming pastor’s heart would be molded in such a way to enable dance ministry to resume. I’ll be asking that the interim wait not be too long. But I’ll mostly be asking that He would bring Himself great glory in the changes. That our church wouldn’t continue in the same old ways, but that this would be cause for us to seek God’s heart for us as lights in this community.

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