I am amazed at the grace of God poured out! Today, I watched my older son show far greater maturity than I expected. Our older son has often struggled with allowing others to come into his world. It’s not that he doesn’t want kids to play with him and his toys. Sometimes he needs to play the way he wants to let others join him. Sometimes there’s a particular toy or animal to which he’s attached and having someone else touch it will upset him. Sometimes I don’t know what the trigger will be to set off an emotional meltdown, it just happens. He also struggles with being aware of the world around him. I know all kids have to learn this as they grow up, but Ryan really has a hard time getting it. I thought it was just a growing up thing. When we had him tested in the special services division of a local school, the worker explained that he was far more egocentric than “normal.”

When we first arrived at our play destination, the fountains had been turned off for some event to happen later in the evening. He and his buddies were really looking forward to the water. In the past, that would have been the end of joy until time for presents. But he managed to find a smile and enjoy a train ride instead.

Later on, while playing on the playground with his friends, a couple of boys started being really mean to him. Chris got on the boys cases. Then some older girls came over and were starting to push our boys around. I’m still really surprised at just how mean and disrespectful these kids were. And the adult with them either didn’t care or was too afraid to stop them. Ryan came to me upset about their meanness. I told them to stay away from the boys. Then we left the playground as soon as we could. But I was proud that Ryan didn’t throw a fit, start lashing out in anger, or go somewhere to pout! These were all the reactions I expected! No, he walked away and found ways to play away from the boys. Wow! God is maturing him! I miss it in the day-to-day interactions because I get caught up in getting the day done. I’m not glad that those kids were being mean to my child and his family and friends. But I’m very thankful that God gave me the chance to see what He is working in the little boy’s heart!

Keeping each other "safe" as we walked to the car


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