Book Review: The Shelter of God’s Promises by Sheila Walsh

Thomas Nelson has a great program for bloggers. You agree to review their books on your blog, then post it to a retail website and they send you free books! This book I have had for a loooooooooong time. It’s an easy read, but I just rarely read physical books anymore! I’ve gotten to the point that I rarely read anything that’s not on my nook. Right now I’m reading five different books. Two are physical books that weren’t available on my nook, but that I am reading through with others, so I have greater motivation to actually read them! All that to say, I hope Thomas Nelson adds a greater selection of eBooks to their program! [Update! There are a bunch of available e-books now available in this program! Yippee!!!]

The Shelter of God’s Promises was an easy book to read. Sheila Walsh writes in her typical style — down the earth, personal, and light-hearted! She opens with a neat testimony and story of one instance in which God showed Himself to her as her Shelter and Refuge. If you read the book, don’t skip this introduction! Each chapter opens with one of God’s promises. Walsh illustrates the promise with a personal story, then expounds on it through Scripture. She closes out each chapter with a challenge for the reader to apply and walk in the promise discussed. The book also includes a Bible study, which I didn’t do, so I can’t tell you much about it! Overall I enjoyed the book. It would make a good small group study. It’s not the most amazing book I’ve read, but it’s good and could definitely start some great conversations. I really appreciated how she went back to Bible stories to illustrate God keeping His promises.

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