I had a hankering to go back in Psalms and look a little more deeply. I’ve been walking through them following Kay Arthur’s inductive study, but it goes through one or two psalms each day. This doesn’t allow for thinking about the circumstances in which the psalms were written, word studies, etc. I wanted to think on these things, so back to the first psalm I went. The first thing I began to look at was the first word. I pulled out my Strong’s Concordance, found out the number for the original Hebrew word, then went hunting for other uses of that particular word. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be blessed?!? That particular word was used 45 times. No, I’m not going to write about all 45 uses! I’m just going to list some of the reasons the Bible calls people blessed.

  • They don’t follow the wicked (Ps. 1:1)
  • They delight and walk in His law (Ps. 1:1, 112:1, 119:1-3, 128:1-2, Isa. 56:1-2)
  • God has chosen them (Deut. 33:29, Ps. 33:12, 65:4))
  • They are privy to the wisdom from God (Queen of Sheba to Solomon 1 Kings 10:8, 2 Chr. 9:7)
  • God disciplines them (Job 5:17, Ps. 94:12)
  • They take refuge in God (Ps. 2:12, 34:8, )
  • They are forgiven (Ps. 32:1-2, 119:1 )
  • They make the Lord their trust (Ps. 40:4, 84:12)
  • They do good– help the poor, observe justice, do righteousness (Ps. 41:1, 106:3, Isa. 56:1-2)
  • They dwell with God (Ps. 65:4, 84:4, )
  • Their strength is in Him (Ps. 84:5, 89:15-16)
  • They walk in Him (Ps. 89:15-16)
  • They praise Him (Ps. 89:15-16)
  • In HIS righteousness they are exalted (Ps. 89:15-16)
  • They fear the Lord (Ps. 112:1, 128:1-2)
  • They seek Him (Ps. 119:1-3, Isa. 30:18)
  • They wait on Him (Isa. 30:18, Dan. 12:12 specific to Israel during captivity)

All this and I only looked at this particular Hebrew word! There are several other Hebrew and Greek words translated “blessed” throughout the Bible. One could spend weeks just looking at it!

What I was reminded of in this is that blessedness is all about God! All around us we hear that we can work hard enough, plan well enough, or do just the right things to be blessed. But really, blessing comes by God. For a few years after my husband and I first married, I felt sure that once we got into a better financial position, then I’d feel blessed. I wouldn’t have admitted it out loud, but in my heart, blessing looked like being debt-free, living in an unattached house with a yard, being able to put the boys in extracurricular activities without worrying about the money, and being able to give more to missions and other Godly pursuits. Does God want us out of debt and financially free? Yes! Does He want us to be part of missions through giving. Sure! Will those things bring blessing? Perhaps in the short-term, but I’ve discovered that even though we still live in the same townhouse with almost no yard, we’re still plugging away at debt (Murphy lives with us, it seems), and we’re still waiting to be able to give to some really neat friends called to the mission field, we are blessed. We are blessed in many physical earthly ways, but those things are all fleeting and will pass away. God has blessed me with everything I need for life! He has chosen me as His own, drawn me to delight in Him and His law, fills me with His strength, causes me to seek Him and walk in Him, has covered me with His righteousness and so MUCH more! That, I think is a great reason to dance!!!

3 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. I’m so glad you were encouraged! Now I’m rereading it because I’m stressed over earthly matters and I need to count my blessings!!! 😉

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