Why God Saves

I gave a pretty broad title. The discussion of “why God saves” is far greater than this post. My intent is not to expound on that topic, but to share a little of what He showed me in my study of His word this morning. Please feel free to speak more broadly about that in the comments or your own blog!

I suspect that most of my coming posts will be fruit of my journeying through the Psalms. This morning it is the 9th psalm I have been digging into. There is so much about God and His relationship to His people and the nations. There is much about His righteous judgment. But it was the verses above that caught my attention this morning! God lifts us up from the gates of death. Why? So we may tell of all His praises! I love to spend time praising God, but I must confess that too often those praises are limited to my personal times in prayer, music, study, listening to sermons, etc. And more than that, often my praises are limited to what I see now. I forget to go back and “remember all His benefits.” (Psalm 103) But He redeemed me to tell (that implies speaking to others!!!) of all (not just the ones I understand or can see) His praises!



2 thoughts on “Why God Saves

  1. That’s cool that you’re journeying through the Psalms – I am too as part of my quiet time. I started at the beginning of the year just doing my own study and am just now in Psalm 14 🙂 it’s going pretty slow but that’s mostly because of the tangents and rabbit trails that I end up on! I have been so encouraged by the Psalms and am sure you will be too!

  2. My husband is wondering if we were separated at birth with all the similarities!!! I was actually thinking about going back and digging in a little more to each one. I’ve been following Kay Arthur’s inductive study which hits one or two psalms each day. But I think I’m going to go back and do more research into the details of the psalms, cross-referencing, word studies, etc. If I do, I just might be in the psalms for a few years, which sounds like where you’re heading!

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