Top Ten Songs

I’ve been (sort of) participating in the Word Press post-a-week challenge this year. I say “sort of” because I have more than the “right” number of posts, but there were many weeks that I missed posting. As part of the challenge, WordPress has been offering daily topics for blogging. I have thought a few of them interesting, but haven’t actually used a topic — until today! This morning they offered the topic of making a list of your top ten favorite songs. I love music and often have it turned on in whatever room I am in. Or if my boys are listening to something or being loud, I might have headphones in. I am constantly looking for new songs and artists to enjoy. So this list is ever changing! But for today, these are what I would say are my top ten.

  1. Our God by Chris Tomlin
  2. Sanctuary by Ashmont Hill
  3. I Will Boast by Paul Baloche
  4. Creation Sings the Father’s Song by Keith & Kristyn Getty
  5. A Mighty Fortress by Christy Nockels
  6. Majesty of Heaven by Chris Tomlin
  7. All to Us by Chris Tomlin
  8. Stay Amazed by Gateway Worship
  9. By Faith by Keith & Kristyn Getty
  10. Imperfect Hallelu by Ashmont Hill

I could probably make a top 50 list and still not hit all my favorite songs and artists! Those were basically the first ten that came to mind. What are your ten?

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Songs

  1. Oh this made me happy! You have great taste in music. My number one is definitely’s Chris Tomlin’s “Our God”. It’s so uplifting and makes me want to shout each time I hear it 😉 I just hope it doesn’t become overplayed like so many of his other songs. Haha

  2. Thanks! With that compliment, I’ll make sure to check out some of the songs/artists you have on your blog! I’m sure “Our God” is already over played in many areas! Thankfully our worship pastor isn’t one to just play the hits and I think we’ve only done it church two or three times!

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