First Day of School Fun!

We officially kicked off our school year today! I did some WWW research on fun things to do for the first day. I wanted the chance for some fun pictures, but mostly I wanted the boys to experience a little excitement! Other kids get new clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and more, as well as  to meet new people! I can’t offer all that in a homeschool setting, but we managed a few ways to make the first day of school fun! It began with a special breakfast with Daddy at McDonald’s.

Ready for the day with backpacks like all school kids!
While they waited for our order, they pulled out their school supplies from their backpacks and immediately began drawing!
Chow Time!

Upon returning home, Mommy and Daddy had come up with a little surprise. The boys thought this was cool!

Welcome to the Quinlan Family School!

After going over the basic schedule for this school year, the boys did a scavenger hunt. I think this was the favorite part of the day!

The List
Somehow when school supplies are wrapped in tissue paper, they are very exciting!!!

After the scavenger hunt, I introduced each child to his curriculum for the year. We are using My Father’s World. Ryan is doing the 2nd grade, “Adventures in My Father’s World,” while Alex does the Kindergarten “My Father’s World A-Z.” I have really enjoyed preparing for it and both boys seemed to really enjoy working in it today. Last year, I did lots of unit studies and a mish-mash of workbooks. I love having a set curriculum and lesson plan to follow and modify as needed!

We also did school all together leaving my attention divided between them. This year, while I’m doing school with one, the other has a set of activities he can work on in the adjoining room. This worked out really well today and they both really enjoyed having all my attention for a time! The curriculum is set up so that we gradually add in subjects as the month progresses. I love this! However, I did introduce Ryan to his different subjects. He was happy when I explained that we would begin with three subjects today (Bible, spelling, & history) and then add in others as we go along. When I showed him the science book, he was really disappointed that we wouldn’t be doing science today! I’m glad to say that we will be doing it tomorrow and I’m thrilled that he is looking forward to it! Alex really likes being grown up and having his own set of things to do. His school didn’t take long, but he enjoyed every minute of it and was even a little disappointed when it was done.

I’m sure that I’ll be posting some of the fun projects and experiments as the year passes!

3 thoughts on “First Day of School Fun!

  1. How exciting and thanks for the ideas! I’ve been looking for ways to kick off the first day of school and really like the idea of wrapping up the school supplies. Who doesn’t love a present? 🙂 We’re also doing My Father’s World – Kindergarten since my oldest is 5. His baby sister who is 2 yrs old will be doing a few fun workbooks and “reading” activities while my son works. Thanks for your ideas!

  2. I love this Kimm!! How exciting for all of you! I will enjoy reading your posts and blogs as the Quinlan Family School goes forth in to the new school year!

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