A New Adventure in Faith

Today begins a new adventure in faith for our family and I am excited! I say today, but as always, it has been an ongoing process. Our family has been seeking to become debt-free for about three years now. In that time, we have had many repairs to our home and car, several surgeries, and had to replace a car. And like everyone else, every bill seems to have gone up significantly! So it has been slow going. My husband has worked his regular 9-5 job at our church as well as delivering pizza three nights a week. I have continued coaching gymnastics some as well as some other things on the side to try to help.

Chris, my husband, is an amazing artist. The mountain scene above is one of his charcoal paintings. You can see more of his artwork here. He has often been encouraged to do something with his artistic talent, but has never really had the desire or known what to do with it.

About a month ago, my husband was praying about our debt situation and felt that the Lord was leading him to quit the pizza job and use his God-given talent for making art to free us from the bondage of the debt. So he gave notice at the pizza place. Tonight is his first official night off! Over the last month, he has continued praying about what direction to take with his art — medium, subject, getting started, etc. I am impressed with the plan that has formed and the details that he has thought out. And I even see some enthusiasm for doing art building in him. He needed some motivation and God provided it!

I am really excited about this for many reasons. The first is that I just think that he is the most amazing artist ever and I cannot wait to see him using his talent for God’s glory! I am also excited to see God working in my husband. He is a man of great faith. He loves the Lord and His Word like few others. He will freely tell you that he is not one who likes big changes and has to have great confidence that a change is from the Lord. So I love seeing how God is moving him into a pretty big change with confidence!

Also, I love how I see God changing me. I am the one who worries about every dime we spend. I’m the one who tends to walk in fear of failure. And I am the one who tries to make everything work out the way I think that it should. At first when Chris told me, I had the thought that I could pick up some extra time coaching to help us financially. While working one night, I learned that the gym had lost two coaches and that another would be cutting her hours back. It was very difficult for me not to volunteer some time! But I kept quiet and later the Lord showed me that if I had taken extra hours, I would not have been submitting to the leading of my husband! Instead, I would have been impeding on his time to do the job God has called him to do! More than that, I wouldn’t have been trusting God. Shortly after that, some neat dance opportunities opened up that I would not have had the time to fulfill. Having turned from that path of trusting myself instead of God has been a huge blessing. I am amazed to say that I am unafraid of going forth in this journey! I am excited and expectantly waiting to see what God is going to do. That said, I am fully aware that it will be a slow start. You don’t just make a name for yourself and sell art overnight! I expect the first few months will bring little extra income. I fully realize that we may go backwards in our debt snowball for a time. But I am determined to “Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!” (Psalm 27:14)

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