True Beauty

Today is my birthday. No, it’s not my 21st. (I haven’t been 21 in 13 years. You can do the math if you want!) So why a 21 cake, you ask? When I think of 21, I think of the American ideal age. Most people can’t wait to be 21 or wish that they could go back to being 21. I can’t say that I love getting older, but right now, I don’t mind it too much. However, I’m human and American and I do like to be pretty. Early this week I tweaked my back and have had to be in bed doing nothing pretty much all week. On top of that, I got an infection near one of my eyes. The whole left side of my face was swollen and still is around my eye. Needless to say, the last thing that I’ve felt this week was beautiful! As I thought about going out with my husband tonight, I didn’t really want to. I just knew that I’d still be limping (I am) and have a messed up face. But God is so gracious to His children and when I awoke this morning, I had about twenty Facebook messages telling me “happy birthday.” That was nice, but the big blessing was the number of people who called me “beautiful” in their greeting! I think about ten people called me “beautiful!” I sat and realized that those people don’t necessarily think I’m beautiful because of my long hair, dark eyes, or olive skin. Every one of those people who called me beautiful without actually seeing my physical appearance said it because they have seen God at work in me. It is His life in me that is beautiful and only by His grace that I have any beauty! Knowing this, my heart’s desire is to pour out praise to the only Beautiful One. (And as a side note, I cannot wait to go enjoy a night with the husband whom God chose as an incredible blessing in my life!)


One thought on “True Beauty

  1. How did you create the shell border design? What tip did you use? How many shell did you have to do to create one design? I would appreciate any information you are able to share.

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