Wasting Time

I got the hair-brained idea this morning to change the look of my blog. That meant that I moved around widgets, corrected links and their info, and had to change the font color on all my posts. (I only changed the color of the posts that come up on the first page, though!) It quite quickly sucked up at least an hour of my day — on a day when I don’t really have an hour to give! The dog still needs to be walked, the ironing done, the floor downstairs vacuumed, and snacks prepared for an afternoon out. All these things have not only been usurped by blog renewal, but also by Bible study, because that’s what I’m going to do right now instead of all the tasks on my list! The prophet Isaiah and I will be spending some time together. Meanwhile, you can tell me what you think of the new theme!


2 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. White text is invisible in subscription e-mails & mobile version of WordPress. Main site looks great though. Too bad it isn’t translating well on the other things.

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