Seeking the Light

My favorite story from my mom about me growing up took place in The Little Church on the Lane one Christmas Eve. It is very possible that I have told it on here previously, but I’m going to share it again!

According to Mom, I was about three and we had gone to the Love feast service. At this church, they had a huge Moravian star at the front hanging from the ceiling. As is typical for a Moravian love feast, there were extra chairs at the ends of the pews to accommodate the seating needs. I was in one of these chairs. While the congregation stood to sing a carol, I disappeared. I’m sure that my poor mother was frantic when she sat down and I wasn’t there! She found me when the pastor knelt down and picked me up. I had been so entranced by the star that I had gone and sat down under it and was just staring at it, oblivious to the world around me. The pastor used my childish wonder as an illustration of how we should gaze upon the Christ child. I wish I could say that I’ve always looked at Christ with that awe and that I’ve always been so intent on finding Him as I was with the star that day! But I’m very thankful that through all my failings He has remained faithful, has drawn me near to Himself, and has loved and blessed me abundantly!

And I’m thankful that this church has put a picture that includes their star on their website! Finding this today, brought a huge smile to my face!

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