Book Review: The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

The Butterfly Effect

by Andy Andrews

This is a gift book that includes two basic stories which demonstrate how our choices can influence others and drive change in our world. One story takes place during the Civil War. The second spans many years in American history and shows how several critical choices made historical events possible.

The stories were well-written. I found myself wanting to know what happened at the end of the battle (though I was pretty sure that I knew from the beginning). I was not confused as to what was happening at any point. Andrews descriptions were colorful enough that I understood all the necessary details, but wasn’t bogged down in every point of the setting. However, I felt the end was lacking.

The book is fine if you want to feel good and be encouraged to think about your daily choices in the temporal realm. It’s a sweet little book to give to someone that you want to have “warm fuzzies.” It’s just not what I was hoping for. I look for books founded on the Bible. As a Christian, my motivation to do the right thing is to honor God and future rewards. It might be nice to change the world here, but it’s not my goal. Andrews did not include one Scripture. His challenge to the reader completely leaves out God. I’m sure that most people will love the book. I’m just not one of them!


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