Gracious Husband

Being that today is mine and my husband’s 7th wedding anniversary, I want to tell the world what an amazing man he is! The Lord has blessed me greatly with a husband who loves me with the love of Christ. As we continue to seek freedom from debt, he continues to give up his own pleasures in order to work hard in a job that is humbling and can often be disheartening as he hears the details of lives without Christ. Yet he rarely complains and just keeps plugging away, looking forward to the day that the chains of debt are broken!

In all that he does, he strives to live a life pleasing to the Lord. Whether it is listening to me ramble on about the minute details of the day, rubbing my tired back, engaging our five year old in his silly stories, answering his constant questions, helping our three year old accomplish his chores, teaching Sunday school, making worship guides, delivering pizza, or watching TV, he is always checking and rechecking if his thoughts and actions align with what is pleasing and honorable to God.

The Lord has granted him precious wisdom. Because he has put away his personal pursuits in order to work to get us out of debt, he has not had as much time to share his great wisdom, but he has written many excellent blog posts. And I heard (I got the inside scoop!) that he is going to make more effort at blogging a little more regularly.

Personally, I am most blessed by his great grace and patience towards me as God molds and transforms me into a woman after His heart. He is so quick to forgive and enfold me in his loving embrace! He challenges my faith and encourages me in my talents. He is a man who wholeheartedly loves his wife and children and I am incredibly blessed and honored to be his wife!

And just in case you’re wondering, he took me out to a wonderful dinner and my favorite hangout, Barnes & Noble to celebrate. On top of that, I woke up to purple flowers (my favorite color), a card that was so sweet it made me cry, and a B&N gift certificate (That’s like gold to me!).


2 thoughts on “Gracious Husband

  1. knew he was too good to be real. obviously you pinched him and he jumped into reality…….so happy for you both. what a blessing he’s been with my boys, and for Joy to watch. She always wished she was older……….you are a special couple! and if you want to buy a house……… me. such a deal i have 🙂

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