Sweet Prayer

Every night before the boys go to bed, we all lay on the floor together and say a prayer. Usually Daddy prays for all of us. Sometimes we will offer the boys an opportunity to pray. Ryan nearly always wants to pray. Alex typically does not. Tonight was no different, but Ryan’s prayer tonight was so sweet that I wanted to remember it. Normally, he just prays, “Thank you God for everything.” Not tonight!

Dear God,

Thank You for such a wonderful day! Please keep Daddy safe coming home. And please let him come home in time to say “Good night.”

And please heal my hurting eye. Oh, and Mommy’s tummy ache and Alex’s cold.

Thank You, God.

In Jesus’ name,


I loved how thoughtful the prayer was! It was far different from his normal self-centered thoughts and words! The thing that I could never recreate in a blog was the precious attitude of his prayer. Ryan was so respectful in his tone. He spoke slowly and thoughtfully. And there was sweet compassion that came across in his prayers for others. What a blessed way to end the night!!!


6 thoughts on “Sweet Prayer

  1. I love it and I love that you make the time to pray, most of the time I am so exausted I just want to get them all to bed..lol…but you inspire me to be better. Bless this sweet little boy who prays.

  2. Thank you! I often feel that way, too, but this time has become so precious. There isn’t another moment in the day that I feel as close to my family as this prayer time. With these boys, it’s just about the only time I can get them to settle down! I have come to look forward to this time and won’t give it up easily!

  3. How very precious are the thoughts of a child. God treasures their humility and trust. The little prayer is beautiful. The heart of a child understands that God cares about a hurting eye, a tummy ache, a cold…and a good-night from ones daddy.

    Good post. Thanks


  4. Nowadays it’s unusual to see parents teaching their kids to pray before going to bed. I love the prayer and i am so excited to teach my baby to pray if she can talk.

  5. Hi. I know that feeling when my daughter prays that God gives her a baby sister/brother. And she also constantly prays for ‘mommy’s blog.’ These little one are a great blessings!

    God bless.


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