Sweet Request

This morning we were having breakfast together as we typically do on Sunday mornings. I have a playlist of worship songs that I let run during that time. Ryan was getting over a stomach bug and didn’t want to eat, so he went to the couch and laid down. I don’t remember what song it was, but Ryan suddenly looked up at me and asked me to sing it. I only have about 6 notes in my vocal range, so I don’t often sing aloud for people! This time I did. Ryan got the sweetest smile on his face, which encouraged me to go on and brought joy to my heart.

I have often heard that young children love the sound of their mother singing no matter how good her voice is. With Ryan I have never experienced that. He has always moved away from the sound of my song. I don’t know what was different about this morning, but I captured that smile in my long-term memory! I don’t plan to forget that moment anytime soon!

Oh yes, and I apologize to those who were near me in church. I hope that I didn’t offend your ears! Between the Lord sweetly drawing me back and Ryan’s high praise I didn’t hold back in the music portion of the worship service! 😀

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