A Children’s Book Recommendation

For those of you with young children, I want to recommend My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt. It is pretty much just as it sounds. Each letter of the alphabet has a verse to go with it. The entire book is centered around a family with a son and daughter. Each verse has a story that demonstrates the verse meaning.

We have found that our boys enjoy and remember the stories. And it’s a fun way to “hide His word in our heart” as a family. Mostly I appreciate that she does a great job of explaining the verses and is unafraid to teach some important theology!

Tonight we did the “W” verse: We love him, because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

The story was about the daughter in the family. While at a friend’s house, she was being teased. The Spirit reminded her of a couple of verses (that we learned earlier in the book) and she was able to respond to the friends with love, then share the Gospel with them!

I don’t know if my boys will ever do something like that, but I have heard true stories of young children doing similar things. I plan to do everything that I can to give them a foundation of Truth. Beyond that, I have to trust God’s plan for them, but this book has been a great tool for our goal of teaching Ryan and Alex to memorize and understand Scripture!


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