Giving God My Best

I was thinking more about surrendering to God’s best. It occurred to me that He always gives us His best. He is the perfect Father and gives only good things to His children. I, however, do not always give Him my best.

In the Old Testament, God set up a standard of always giving Him the “first fruits” of the harvest.

You shall take some of the first of all the fruit of the ground, which you harvest from your land that the LORD your God is giving you, and you shall put it in a basket, and you shall go to the place that the LORD your God will choose, to make his name to dwell there.

Deuteronomy 26:2

The very first of their harvest was to go directly to God. I once heard (but don’t know if it’s accurate) that these were also the best fruits of the harvest. The people gave their best to God — at least when it came to this!

That’s what I want to do with my life. I want to give Him the first and best. When I wake up in the morning, I want to give Him my first thoughts in those very first moments. This doesn’t often happen because I usually stay up too late, then sleep in until one of my kids comes crawling over me. Alex is most often the kid that wakes me and therefore, the one who most often receives the first of my time and attention. I don’t want to get trapped in legalism, but I really do want to start my day with the Lord. To get my thoughts focused on Him from the very start!

So to help me with this goal tomorrow, I have already laid out the boys clothes and made breakfast. Right now I am going to prepare the boys backpacks with their church supplies and get on my knees to seek the grace and empowerment for my goal. Then I am going to get in bed at a somewhat reasonable hour and plan to get up a little earlier in the morning, so that I can start the day on my knees! Now anyone that has read this can hold me accountable to this commitment…

With that, I can’t wait to join in corporate worship!!!

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