Made it!

I committed to blog every day for the month of November and I did it! I tried to participate in NaBloPoMo last year, but fell short less than halfway through the month.

Last year I just hoped to give myself a jump start for making writing a habit. This year I wanted more.

This year I wanted to give myself some very public accountability in my Christian walk. Over the last twenty years of being a Christian, I have discovered that when I am seeking God, I write. By doing it publicly, I give myself the accountability of friends who choose to read. So I am going to try to keep it up. I may not make a post daily, but I’m going to try to do as many days as possible. If you have been kind enough to follow my posts and you see me stop posting for a time, please pray for me and give me a kick in the pants!

This year I also wanted to deepen my relationship with God. When I write, I find that I actually learn more. The thoughts that buzz around in my head become much more cohesive when I write them out. It forces me to bring organization to them. It drives me to find out what the Bible says about them. And it drives me to seek God for the words so that I don’t put in print things that would bring Him dishonor. I certainly have not done this perfectly, but He always gently corrects and pours out His grace to cover the multitude of sins!

I am thrilled that I made it this year, not because of the reward:


I am thrilled because I believe that this success is another leap forward in my walk of faith! I know that God is doing something new and amazing with my heart and life. Writing may or may not be a part of the future, but for now it is the vehicle that He is using to draw me nearer to Himself and I am overjoyed with the blessing!

4 thoughts on “Made it!

  1. yay!! it is so exciting to see God’s hand at work in those around me. scott is a writer also, and that is rubbing off on me. i find when moments or trials come, i need to write. keep writing….not only is God drawing you closer, but you are guiding us as well. thank you

  2. I couldn’t have done it without my awesome husband’s encouragement! Thank you for your many words of confirmation and allowing me the time to sneak away and seek the Lord so that I would have something worth writing about! You are a great husband!

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