It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Yesterday we had the family to our home for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. The food all turned out right (the turkey was even juicy!). There was enough food. My two boys kept fairly good attitudes and behavior. There were no arguments (that I know of). And most of all, God was glorified! We did a project with the boys. They made “thankfulness” cards. Everyone wrote down something that they were thankful for. Then my husband collected all the cards and read them. I thought that we would get things like, family, friends, a job, etc. Simple things that are huge blessings. We did get those, but nearly every card also included some statement about God’s work in that  person’s life! It brought me exceedingly great joy to hear so many declarations of God’s greatness. 🙂

I was going to share the list here (anonymously, of course) but we can’t seem to find the cards. So instead, I’m going to include a sweet picture of my boys after the feast. One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do and have never been able to accomplish was to decorate the house for Christmas after the Thanksgiving dinner. It is something that one of my older sisters has always done and that I’ve always greatly enjoyed. In the past we have always returned too late to be able to do it. This year, I didn’t get the whole house decorated, but I did get it started (and hope to finish today). The first project was to let the boys decorate their tree. They loved it!

Afterwards, we read a shortened child’s version of the Christmas story and put up an advent calendar. Neither one could wait to put the star in the first day. And Ryan has already moved it to day 2! Hopefully we can get it straight on December 1st!

I love that Thanksgiving leads right into Christmas. There is nothing to be more thankful for than the Lord coming down as a lowly babe in a lowly manger only to die for us. Our choir is singing a great song this Christmas called Love Came Gently (a couple of girls and I are dancing to it!):

Love came gently soft as a baby
Born to a lonely virgin girl
Wrapped in rags and
Laid in a manger
Love came gently to our world

Only shepherds and the wisest
Found him beneath the star so bright
While the nations waiting in slumber
Love came gently in the night

Though there was no fanfare or trumpet
Heralding hope had come to earth
For the promise tenderly answered
Choosing instead a humble birth

Love came gently sweetly to save us
Knowing the price he’d have to pay
And to all who trust in the Savior
Love come gently
Love comes gently
Love comes gently still today

I love that line, “knowing the price he’d have to pay.” He knew, yet He came. And He lived fully and loved fully so that He would die a death that we cannot imagine, being forsaken by His own Father, in order that we wouldn’t have to die. Wow, what an amazing love!

And the story doesn’t end! He raised back up from the dead and will raise us with Him! What a glorious reason to celebrate and give thanks! I pray that the season of thankfulness doesn’t end with yesterday’s dinner, but goes on for the entire year. And that the celebration doesn’t stop Christmas morning, but is evident throughout my life. May God be honored and glorified abundantly through all the days I have here on earth! And I pray the same for you 🙂

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