Our adult and children’s choirs at church are doing a really neat arrangement of Little Drummer Boy in a few weeks. I was given the neat honor of being asked to choreograph something to it. I don’t want to give away anything, so there won’t be any details about what is going to happen in this post. Instead, I want to share what God has shown me with this song.

This was one of my favorite Christmas songs when I was a kid and it remained high on my list until even a few months ago. It definitely ranks even higher now. As a kid I loved that this little kid who didn’t have anything to give this precious baby was not only allowed to play for Him, but was welcomed to play for Him. I literally daydreamed about being the kid who Jesus smiled at. It seems kind of silly, but I think that it shows something that is in all our hearts.

When we look at God and know how completely holy He is and see ourselves in the light of that, we see that we are unworthy of even being in His presence. Much less giving Him anything! If we really understand that we have nothing to offer Him, then we approach Him with the same sentiment as the drummer boy. “I have nothing for you Jesus. Nothing that is worthy of you. But I can play my drum. Will you accept that?”

His answer is a resounding “Yes!” That is just exactly what He wants from us! He wants us to see Himself and know that there is nothing that we can ever give Him that is a worthy gift. But He wants and accepts our lives. He wants us to worship Him. With our pitiful little drum, we are to worship Him. That is the only gift any of us has to offer — to worship Him with our entire life.

Do you think that your gift is too lowly? Too lowly for the King of kings who humbled Himself and was born in a stinky, dirty stable? Too lowly for the Creator of the universe who subjected Himself to die the most humiliating death there is, death on the cross? Too lowly for the Lord of heaven who descended to hell in order to free us for eternity? You’re right! It is too lowly! But He wants it. He cherishes it. He honors and will one day glorify all those pitiful gifts! And He gave us the gift. He gave us the gift so that we would give it back to Him.

What are you holding back because it is too pitiful? Is it your song? Your ability with numbers? Or maybe your compassion? Is it your life? I beg you, give Him your all! He will accept it. And just like in the song, He will smile at you. He will fill you with His joy and peace! Go worship!!!

Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness.

Psalm 29:2

One thought on “Worship

  1. That was my brother’s favorite song. I heard it lots growing up. I need to play it again. Remind myself of these truths you’ve written down.

    Thank you! I know I can always come here and be encouraged and challenged!

    I’m glad to call you a sister in Christ. 🙂

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