Too much to do

I have too much to do. Between holiday activities, school activities, normal activities, work, and being a mom, there just isn’t enough time to get a decent blog out. Right now, it’s almost 11pm. I’m really sleepy, but there are still groceries to be put away and things to get ready for tomorrow morning. Of course, we could have stayed home tonight and I wouldn’t be in this bind, but we went out as a family instead. It was wonderful, too! We saw Santa at a distance, watched a 50′ tree light up from top to bottom in three colors, hugged Frosty and a reindeer, ate a yummy dinner, and enjoyed time at Barnes & Noble. The look on Ryan’s face when he got to hug Frosty and the reindeer was priceless. I haven’t seen such pure joy in him for some time!

When we went to dinner afterwards, he took his kids’ menu, turned it over to the blank side, and wrote, “I LUV U MOMME” on it. And gave me a big hug. Tonight when we put the boys to bed, he gave me a sweet bear hug. It wasn’t one of those knock me down, try to hurt me hugs. He wasn’t being silly (as usual). He just sat in my lap and squeezed me tightly. I just about cried! Ryan is very sweet. He loves people and gets very excited when he sees people that he knows. But rarely does he treat me with great affection. I don’t know why he felt so affectionate towards me tonight, but I’m SO thankful for it. And I think that having to stay up late to finish my tasks is worth it! Does it matter if I don’t have a decent blog entry? So what if the dirty dishes stay out until sometime tomorrow? I may even leave my tasks for the morning. I don’t think that the good Lord will mind a bit if I don’t get my hair curled because I chose to enjoy my family, then get some rest! I think that He is smiling down on us and the joy that knit us more closely together tonight. And He is preparing our hearts to worship Him — regardless of how I’m dressed, whether I have all our stuff together, or if my house is clean. I can’t wait to sing His praises!!!


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