Sovereign God

Our plans today changed. We had planned to go to the Blue Angels air show. The boys were super excited! Ryan could hardly stop talking about it. I was excited, too. I am always amazed by the stunts that they do and even just seeing the many different military planes. However, God had other plans!

I got into a car accident last night with the boys. Everyone is okay, praise the Lord! But the van is not driveable. The radiator either has a huge leak or the hose has become detached. So today we are working on cars (our other car seems to be slowly dripping oil), tomorrow’s Sunday school lesson, laundry, and other things.

I normally would be very, very upset about this. And I certainly am not happy it, but I know that God is sovereign! My husband told Ryan, “I like to think that this is God saving us from something worse that would have happened if we had driven to the air show.” Only God knows if that’s the case, but I do know that He is using this in His own ways! And I know that those ways are for good, even if I cannot see the good.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

Though I don’t know God’s greater purpose in having had the accident, I do know one work that He is doing in me. He is both humbling me and granting me greater compassion.

The accident was that, purely an accident, but it was my fault. I am a very careful driver. I am that person that makes you mad because I’m only going within a couple of miles of the speed limit. I slow down the moment I see brake lights. I don’t pull out on front of people. And I have, many times, been quite self righteous about it!

I was not a careful driver as a teenager, and I associate foolish driving with immaturity. But this time I pulled out in front of someone. I did not see him until I was out in the road. There were signs and a tree blocking his lights. That’s not important for justifying me — I was still at fault. It is important because it is a reminder that not driver who does something “incorrect” is foolish, careless, or otherwise. So I’m going to think twice before getting upset with someone who pulls out in front of me, comes up too quickly behind me, etc. Instead, I am going to trust the sovereign God and seek to react with His grace.

And the really neat thing about His humbling me is that I asked for it. I certainly didn’t want or anticipate it being in this way, but I do want to be more like Christ. If this is how He chooses to mold me, who am I to complain or question? He’s the God that spoke the universe into existence! I’m sure that He knows how to handle my needs. 🙂


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