A Christmas Carol

After checking the review, my wonderful husband took me to see Disney’s A Christmas Carol in 3-D! We both really enjoyed it. I would not recommend it for young children. The spirits are rather disturbing, but as my husband said, “They needed to be for Scrooge to really make the change that he did.” I thought that one aspect of  the encounter with the spirit of Christmas yet to come was overboard, but I won’t ruin the movie for you!

The Spirit of Christmas Present left me really thinking. He is supposed to be based on the English Father Christmas (before he became akin to our Santa Claus), but as I watched him, I kept seeing aspects traditionally given to Jesus. His face and hair reminded me very much of many of the paintings, actors, and other things made to look like Christ. His holly wreath even looked like the crown of thorns. And he has several lines that sound similar to statements Jesus made in regard to the Pharisees.

I’m curious enough that I had to do some Google searching to see what I could learn. I didn’t find out if this character is supposed to be based on Christ at all, but I did find out that he is nearly identical to the original artist rendition!

I then searched for the history of England’s Father Christmas and learned some fascinating things, but it did not help in my question of whether this character is based at all on Jesus. I’m pretty curious about this and plan to research it more in the next few days. If you have any knowledge on this, I would be very interested. In the meantime, go enjoy the movie and tell me what you think!


One thought on “A Christmas Carol

  1. We went to see it Friday. Unfortunately, I was extremely tired. I actually fell asleep during the previews. I remember about 10 minutes of the movie and they weren’t consecutive minutes but rather a minute or two here a minute or two there.
    Put me in a warm, dark room, and I’m likely to fall asleep!

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