Getting them to play outside

I don’t have much of a yard in the back. The front yard is very close to a busy road, so I find it difficult to get my boys to play outside. We have a few riding toys, ball, etc. but with so little space, they tire of those things quickly. Bubbles and sidewalk chalk are boring these days, too. We received some water balloons as  a party favor sometime ago. I rediscovered them a few days ago and thought that they might be fun! So this morning, I filled 6 of them and showed the boys how to splash them into the pool, splat them on the patio, and play a fun game of catch. They loved it! I got a good 45 minutes of time with them playing outside! Ryan got the idea of catching the water balloons in a bucket and they did that for another 15 minutes. I think that I’ll save the rest of the balloons for a couple of weeks, then pull them back out for a morning of outdoor fun!



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