Snakes Give me the Shakes!

I hate snakes. Yes, I said “hate.” I don’t hate too many things, but I absolutely hate snakes. Now I know the benefits of snakes, but I just don’t care! I still hate them. Why? I will tell you.

When I was about 8 years old, my great uncle took me fishing on the family pond. We were in a rowboat that had the seat at the very back. Literally. The back of the boat was the back of the seat. Ireally loved going fishing with my Uncle John. But this particular time was my last time to ever fish or even go out in that particular boat in the pond. 

As we were sitting quietly watching our corks, a snake was watching me. I have been told that it was a water moccassin. I have also been told that it was just a water snake. I tend to believe the former, but that doesn’t matter too much. Whatever this snake was, he must have thought I looked pleasing because he slithered right up the back of the boat and began to slither across my lap. Uncle John kept whispering, “Just stay quiet, Kimm. He will go away if we stay quiet.” I stayed quiet for about 30 seconds, but when the snake continued to encircle itself around my waist, I decided that I had had enough! I jumped up and screamed my head off. All the family members (we were celebrating some sort of holiday) stopped and stared at me standing in the boat, screaming bloody murder. The snake was probably almost as scared as I was and jumped back into the water. I am very thankful that it did not bite me, but to this day, I hate and am very afraid of snakes. 

So what? Stay away from snakes, right?!? If only they would stay away from me!!! The weather here is beautiful right now, so we are saving electricity by turning the air off and keeping the windows open. When I laid the boys down for nap today, I went over to the window to close it (if they hear the outside noise, they get out of bed to watch). As I pushed the window down, in my peripheral vision, I noticed something moving on the road. I turned to look at it and it was a long black rope looking thing slithering across the road. It would not have bothered me if it had gone to the other side, but NOOO… This particular reptile chose to glide himself right into the bushes and trees surrounding the mailboxes!!! Guess who won’t be checking the mail today?!? Guess who just might be afraid to go outside for the next three months!!! Yes, that would be me. I hope that it is a black snake and that it eats all the house mice that we threw over in those woods last year. Then, I hope he goes away, because, yes, I hate snakes!!! 

Oh yes, and the snake that was in the pond? I was told that after everyone left, a distant cousin used his shotgun and killed it. 


One thought on “Snakes Give me the Shakes!

  1. Those mice did not end up in the woods to be helplessly scavenged attached to sticky pads. They went into the dumpster. I figured they would end up in the trash compactor and meet a swift clean death, but not by my hands. After “doing in” the first one like that, I couldn’t make myself do it again. I didn’t want to turn into a cold blooded killer.

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