Bunk Beds!!!

We have been thinking about getting bunk beds for several months. I’ve been watching Craig’s List, but found that everything that I was interested in got away before I was able to contact the seller. My mom recently sent me a couple of listings that I had missed. One was for a cherry wood bunk bed. If I could have it, all of my furniture would be cherry wood. Most of it is — or is made to look like it. This includes the dresser and hutch in the boys room. So, I was thrilled to find this set of beds! The listing was about a month old. I figured that the beds would be sold. 

But they weren’t! The beds are solid wood and in really nice condition. There are one or two nicks in inconspicuous places. The person who put the bed together previously didn’t do a spectacular job, so we had to make a few new screw holes, but those aren’t visible, either. 

Ryan has been looking forward to bunk beds ever since we visited the camp that Chris went to as a kid and later worked at as a counselor. img_7641

Ryan in the camp bed…



We didn’t tell him that we had found and were getting the beds. I went and looked at them last night. I was happy with what I saw. Tonight, Chris borrowed a truck from a friend and brought the beds home while Ryan was at AWANA. When Ryan got home, he was so excited that he couldn’t contain himself! We hadn’t had time to get the beds completely together. We had to work on it with the boys there. But Ryan was still ecstatic! He has been sleeping on a trundle bed for about 5 months and he has never liked it. He accepted it, but often asked about changing beds with Alex. I think that he was happy to have any kind of “real” bed again. When we told him that they were bunk beds, he started bouncing all over the place. He got in trouble once, but didn’t care because he was so happy about the beds!

Alex was very excited too — until he learned that Ryan got the top bed and he didn’t!!! He still rolls around a lot when he sleeps. We didn’t want him to fall out, so we put one of the rails on the bottom. The other side of the bed will be against the wall and should keep them both safely in bed. I think that it made his bed feel a little bit cave-like. I’m sure that he’ll get used to it, but for now he doesn’t really like it. Hopefully, it won’t take too long for him to adjust!

The new bed…


And the euphoric boy…

img_8074   img_8076


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