Little Boys are Interesting to Watch!

Right now, I have so many things that I should be doing other than blogging, but here I am! The ironing, eBay listings, dinner, etc. will have to wait a few more minutes. Today, we went to a local outdoor shopping center that has a playground. The boys had a great time. And we had a great time watching them. Ryan and Alex played together most of the time. In the past, Ryan has always left Alex for some other boy his own age. Now that Alex can keep up with Ryan (and Ryan can be a bit more rough with Alex), he likes to play with his little brother! This makes being home with both of them much easier — most of the time!

We have noticed for some time that Ryan is a follower. He doesn’t usually take the lead position in his relationships, which was very apparent this afternoon. He kept calling to Alex to do whatever he wanted, but Alex just kept running a different direction and saying, “C’mon!” Rather than go do what he wanted, Ryan would follow Alex. There was one time that Ryan grabbed Alex’s overalls to keep him from running away, but Alex managed to fall down and make Ryan lose his grip. As soon as he was out of Ryan’s grasp, Alex was running away again! It was really funny to watch Ryan repeatedly call for Alex to do what Ryan wanted to do, yet he never forced it, he just kept following Alex around! And it never failed, if Ryan said that he wanted to play on the octopus, then Alex wanted to play in the lighthouse or some other area of the playground. Ryan finally began to figure this out. At one point, he wanted to play on the octopus slide, but Alex had run over to the sand castle. So Ryan called for Alex to play in the sand castle. Alex promptly ran back over to the octopus and Ryan happily followed! 

I see this kind of behavior often at home. Ryan will call Alex to play trains or something. Alex will go play with something else, then Ryan will join him. It doesn’t always work that way, of course! Alex adores his big brother and wants to do everything like him, but he still does the leading most of the time!


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