Ha-ee da-ay yoouu!!!

Alex is my singer. He loves to sing. And he sings well for a child that’s not even two! This morning, the children’s choir was performing. One of their songs had the word “holy” sung several times in a row and each time was drawn out over several beats. He sang “holy” with the kids and sang it on the right note! Often when we are singing at home he can match the pitch of our voices. I don’t know if that’s especially good or not, but we’re impressed!

We went to a birthday party yesterday morning, during which, we sang, “Happy Birthday to You.” This morning, during Sunday School, we heard the happy birthday song. I don’t know if Alex heard it or was paying attention to it, but one way or the other, he got it! After dinner tonight, he was dancing around singing, “Ha-ee da-ay yoouu!!!” And he was singing it with the right rhythm and the right tune! It was really cute. It made me wonder if I should rethink not having friends for his birthday party in a couple of weeks. But, it’s a little late for that — ten-fifteen more people aren’t in the budget! Oh well. The family can giggle and grin over him!!! (If he’ll show off for us…)


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