So after dinner tonight, Ryan wanted to make cookies. For that matter, so did I. And I thought that my awesome husband would like to have some, too. So, we started making chocolate chip cookies. Ryan was doing really well — holding the mixer up, holding the bowl, and not spilling the ingredients. We were pouring in the last cup of the flour when IT happened…

Ryan turned off the mixer and sat on the step ladder stating that he needed a rest. It was getting late and I wanted to get the cookies finished, so I said that was fine, but I picked up the mixer and kept going. Ryan didn’t like that! He stood up and said that he had had enough rest and wanted to finish mixing. So I let him take the mixer back. Only he didn’t really take it back. He very lightly took it with kind of a floppy arm and a loose grip. Soooo… the mixer and the bowl fell down. Cookie dough and flour went all over. It was on the counter (good — easy to clean!). It was on the stool (still pretty easy to clean). There was flour on Ryan. I had cookie dough on my clothes. It was on the floor. Cookie dough had stuck to the cabinets — and in several of the cabinet grooves. It was a mess! I should have taken a picture. But, alas! I did not.

Anyway, after cleaning up the mess, we tried to salvage the cookies. Of course, I had no way of knowing how much flour we were missing compared to how much of everything else. The only thing that I could do was go by consistency, taste, and what my brain thought was missing. I misjudged it. After adding the rest of the flour and finding the dough was still too sweet, I added more flour. The cookies still ended up flatter than pancakes and I didn’t think that they tasted very good. They did have perfect coloring, though! At least the kids can enjoy them and maybe I can keep them out of my candy cane Hershey kisses for a while!


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