I coached today for another coach who went to visit family for the weekend. With the exception of one parent, the classes were great classes. I especially enjoyed the tumbling class that I taught. The girls were really hard workers and there were no complainers. That was the first tumbling class that I have had without at least two or three complainers! One of my favorite things about coaching (besides seeing a kid progress) is spotting. In fact, when my current employer hired me, she mentioned that my former employer had specifically said that I was an amazing spotter. I don’t say that to gloat, but most people look at spotting with fear. I’ve met many coaches who won’t spot at all unless they are made to. I tend to fall in the category of overspotting — meaning that I will spot pretty much anybody anytime, when there needs to be a balance between spotting and the gymnast getting skills mostly on her own through drills and progressions. Anyway, the point of all that is… There was a sweet young lady in the tumbling class that really should be in the level prior to the one that she is in. Her mom works at the gym that day, so that is the class that she must do. She is working her backhandspring and had it over the barrel, so I thought that I would spot her going down a large wedge mat. She didn’t jump and plowed her head into the ground! I thought that I would break my arm spotting her! I continued helping her make changes and she was doing better. Her mom came in and she wanted to try it on the Tumbl-Trak. So we did. She didn’t jump — again. Unfortunately, this time I was spotting with my left arm. Typically, that is my better spotting arm and I tend to use it whenever possible. I’ve been having trouble with that shoulder over the last year or so. I haven’t had pain in that should in several months and I had kind of forgotten about it. But as soon as I caught the young lady from smashing her head and face into the ground in a painful way, I knew that I couldn’t spot her with that arm anymore. And I didn’t. But it still hurts. It’s ok when I’m just sitting here typing. If I try to move it out or up at all, then it is quite painful. I hope that I can get back into better shape and strengthen my arms back up. Maybe then my problems will go away! Until then, I hear the Ibuprofen calling my name!!!


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