The Boys Being Cute

While Alex began his nap today, I played with Ryan outside. He has a new game that he likes to play. In our driveway, I draw a “road” for him with sidewalk chalk. He then pretends that he is Daddy and I am Mommy. He says, “I’m going to work now. Bye-bye!” and then proceeds to drive partially around the road. When he stops he jumps off, makes some noises, and waves his hands around like little windshield wipers circling towards each other. This is to show that he is working. Then, he gets back on his bike and rides back the way that he came. When he reaches the beginning of the road, he jumps (literally) off his bike again. He runs over to me, holds his hands out, and says, “Here is the pizza money.”

I reply, “Thank you, I will put it in our budget envelopes.”

His response is, “And here is a pizza!”

He will do this over and over and over and over again! Today, he changed it up at the end, just a little. He went to the grocery store for me to get milk, juice, water, and cookies. I’m not really sure why he got water at the grocery store since I only buy bottled water if there is a hurricane that may hit us! After the grocery store, he went to the mall and got some clothes that we needed. Finally, he went to Dairy Queen and brought us all ice cream. (The ice cream cups were fallen leaves in sizes that match each of our sizes — a big one for Daddy and Mommy, a little bit smaller one for Ryan, and a tiny one for Alex!).

I thought it was very cute. I also thought that it was funny that he only did pizza delivery as his job. My hard-working husband works two jobs right now while we try to get debt-free. The pizza delivery is a secondary job. That is probably his favorite because Ryan LOVES pizza! I was also surprised at how he picked up on the pizza money that Daddy brings home. I do occasionally ask Chris for his pizza money in order to be able to fill our envelopes without going to the bank, but Ryan has only been around two or three times when that has occurred. It’s amazing what children pick up on!

Rather than give a cute Alex story, I’ll give some cute Alex pictures 🙂

Alex grinning
Alex grinning
Alex in the bush
Alex in the bush

One thought on “The Boys Being Cute

  1. Very cute indeed, I would recommend sending this over to Dave Ramsey. You’ll probably want to shorten it up just a little so they’ll use it.

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