Don’t Judge a Movie by Its Preview!

I’m not really a big movie watcher. I have only a couple of TV shows that I like to watch. Mostly, I like to read, listen to podcasts, or listen to audiobooks. I like to laugh, but I do not enjoy crude humor (i.e. Shrek). When we saw the previews for Kung Fu Panda, I did not think that I would like it. My husband thought that it would be funny, but I don’t always agree with him about things being funny. I really had no desire to see the movie, but he did. Tonight we wanted to watch a movie and our options were Journey to the Center of the Earth or Kung Fu Panda. Believe it or not, I chose the latter. My decision was not based on which movie I wanted to see more. I actually do want to see Journey to the Center of the Earth, but I wasn’t really in the mood for the tense moments. I wanted something a bit more relaxing. I don’t know how much more relaxing Kung Fu Panda was, but I really enjoyed it! There were some funny moments, but overall it was a neat story about a guy who seemingly had no chance to live out his dream doing just that — living out his dream. And he saves the village while doing it! I won’t rate the movie on my top list or anything, but it was a decent little flick and I’m glad that my husband got it so that we could watch it. (I really should trust his judgement more!!!)

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