Pain Tolerance

Is there a way to teach someone better pain tolerance? I bet that there is and I am going to have to figure it out! Ryan fell at preschool last week — on Wednesday, I think. He got a bad scrape on his knee. It bled quite a bit and I’m sure that it really hurt. In fact, I’m sure that it is still a bit tender, but this child acts like he is dying every time I try to change the band-aid. In fact, if you just look at it he starts whimpering and whining! The other night Chris took a bandage off of it (while Ryan was in the bathtub, so it had soaked and should have come off pretty easily). Ryan screamed “No” like we were murdering him! Now, we live in a small townhouse that has houses adjoining on each side. The walls aren’t as soundproof as they should be, either. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one of our neighbors called social services on us after that scream!

Today, I put the boys in the tub while I’m getting a little ironing (and this blog) done. Ryan just about lost his mind. He whined, cried, and defiantly said no while I took off the bandage (not the Band-Aid underneath). Once he was finally in the tub, he whined about not wanting the Band-Aid to come off. He whined that the bath would hurt. He whined that the Band-Aid was still stuck to him. Aaaggghhh!!! I am looking forward to this scrape being all healed up. And maybe in a few months we can look back at this and laugh!


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