What a Day!

Aaaggghhh!!! I’m am very glad that today is over! I had hoped to blog much earlier in the day. I had a list of things that I planned to write about, but they will all have to wait. Now, I just want to do a little mindless writing — the kind that qualifies me for NaBloPoMo, but doesn’t take too terribly much effort. These thoughts just might be more fun and interesting for some of you, so it’s a win-win situation!

My youngest son, who will be two December 5th, is sick. He probably has an ear infection. Actually, it is very likely that he had had one in both ears, but I’m pretty sure that the right ear has healed up. The left ear is still giving him grief. However, he also has a terrible cold. As I told a friend, he has the Niagara Falls of runny noses! He also has a very raspy cry and a wheezy cough. I would have taken him to the pediatrician today, but by the time it was this bad, they were closed. He wavers back and forth between being happy and miserable. Of course, he is most miserable when I want to go to the bathroom, cook a meal, or do anything else neccessary!

My four year old, on the other hand, seems to be feeling quite well. He just can’t stand to be at home. He is dying to go to Barnes & Noble, the park — anywhere but here! Of course, I can’t very well take a sick child out just to make Ryan happier. Instead of going out, I have spent the day trying to get the things that I needed to completed while directing Ryan to play with his toys and keeping Alex reasonably happy. That included several trips to the bed for whining, disobedience, and arguing!

Also, helping to increase my frustration, my dryer broke. I got the boys clothes washed and dried. The other two loads of laundry are washed, but I can’t dry them. That wouldn’t be so bad if I had a clean pair of socks to wear tomorrow, but I don’t. And to make it worse, my husband is out of town. So, not only can I not ask him to fix it, I couldn’t ask him to stay with the kids while I ran the clothes to the laundromat, either! Sigh… Fortunately, he will be home tomorrow morning. I already forewarned him that I might run away for a while when he returns!

We did several things tonight, but one thing in particular that made everyone happy for a long time was that we played games at the Lego site. I originally went to the site in order to see if they had a vehicle accessory package (wheels, steering wheels, doors, etc). They have a ton of games there that are pretty fun — even for me! Ryan is really enjoying Legos right now, so I signed him up for the Lego Club which enabled him to get a free 2 year subscription to the Lego magazine. He has no clue what all that means right now, but I’ll bet that he will enjoy the magazine when it comes! He also gets his own Lego page that he got to create how he wanted. We had fun arranging and organizing that. Anyway, I don’t recommend that children play computer games often, but sometimes desperate time call for desperate measures (and I was desperate!). So, if you get desperate, check it out. Oh, and there are games for girls, too. There are several that are oriented to boys, many that are neutral, and several targeting girls. If you check it out, let me know! I’ll stop rambling now 🙂


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