Never again

You know those wonderful funnel cakes that are available at every festival and fair that you go to? I love those! Ever since my mom got me my first one as a kid, I have loved them. We have always gotten one whenever there was one available. And I have always been able to eat an entire cake by myself with no problem. I don’t know if it’s age, dehydration, or what, but I can no longer eat an entire funnel cake!

Today, we took our boys to a local festival. There was a stand where those delectible funnel cakes could be bought, so Chris and I each got one. We both shared about 1/4 of the cake with the boys. They loved it, of course! While we were eating it, I loved it, too. But now, several hours later, I wish that I had only eaten 1/4 and given the rest to the boys!!!

I really didn’t want dinner, but since the boys needed to eat… I made some easy macaroni & cheese, steamed some broccoli & cauliflour, and opened a can of mandarin oranges. I sat down to eat with the boys and couldn’t get enough! Maybe I was really just hungry — for real food. Still, I think that the next time an opportunity to eat a funnel cake arises, that I’ll eat half. Or less!

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