What is your Legacy?

I’ve been listening to Alistair Begg again and I find that every time I do, I want to sit down and write out all my thoughts about what he has said! This particular two-part series is based on Paul’s second letter to Timothy. In it, Paul gives accolades to those whom have been helpful to the gospel and warns Timothy of those who have hurt the cause of the Gospel. The point — What will you be remembered for? What is your legacy? The example that most struck me related directly to Timothy. Timothy was a young man who had chosen to follow after the Lord and became the leader of the church in Ephesus. I long to see my sons follow a similar path — not to necessarily be pastors or missionaries, but to be men who follow after Christ and spread His Truth wherever they may be. Paul credits Timothy’s mother and grandmother with the handing down of that faith! Will my two sweet boys see my faith and long to follow? Or will they be turned away? How will they remember me? How will others remember me?

I am unsure of the answer. I know how I would like to be remembered and that is what should drive me to speak and behave in certain ways. Am I compassionate when I hear of others’ hardships? Am I seeking to please God rather than man? Am I friendly? Am I a hard worker? Am I honest? Do I maintain a critical or negative spirit? Do I unjustly judge others?  My answer to all these questions has to be, “sometimes.” These are the things that I would like to be remembered for (in the positive way, of course!), so I definitely have some work to do!

As I ponder this, I wonder what legacy I would leave with others if I were to die today. When my friends, family, and acquaintances think upon me, what would be their first thought? Again, I have some work to do if I want that legacy to be God glorifying!

What about you? Are you like Phygelus and Hermogenes who are remembered for deserting Paul? Or are you leaving a good legacy?

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