My Poor Boy!!!

Sigh. I feel like the worst mom in the world! My sweet, 22 month old son pulled the iron down on himself and burned one hand, one ankle, and one foot. I ironed clothes this morning while the boys played in their room. I turned it off and went to the bathroom. Alex went in with me. When he left, I watched him walk into his bedroom. A moment later, I heard him screaming from my room. I, of course, ran right in. I sat the iron back upright (and burned myself in the process), then picked him up. He was holding his hand out to me, so I immediately saw that it was red and put it right under the cold water. He let me do that for a minute, then wanted kisses on it. So, I kissed it several times, then put it back under the water. He couldn’t get calmed down, so I looked for other burns and discovered one on his ankle. He wouldn’t let me run that under the water. I called the doctor, and thankfully the nurse answered. She talked to me for a minute and said come on in now. I grabbed the kids and called my husband who said he would meet me there. Unfortunately, I was so distracted with trying to calm Alex, get Ryan out the door, keep the dog inside, and talk to Chris that I left my keys in the house and locked the door! Chris was still on the phone and I asked him to come home for help. It was then that I realized that he had another burn on the other foot! Chris hurried right home, got the keys and drove us to the pediatrician’s office. Alex was so upset that I just held him. I didn’t even bother to put him in his carseat. They took us right back to a room, but it seemed to take the doctor forever  to get in there. By the time they began wrap his burns up, he had already burst all the blisters from kicking. It was so sad to see him trying to get away from the pain. There just wasn’t anything that he or we could do! The whole time I felt like a horrible parent and just knew that the nurse and doctor were wondering in the back of their minds about me being abusive! It took the doctor, the nurse, Chris, and me to actually bandage the child. He was kicking and squirming incredibly hard! We finally got him all bandaged up, but he was still pretty upset for another ten or so minutes. Chris finally got him calmed down. When we left, we put him in his carseat. Not surprisingly, he got really upset. I squeezed between his and Ryan’s carseats (there was only enough room for half of me!!!) and read him stories until he fell asleep. Bob the Builder both calmed him down and put him to sleep! Even though I have had several people express sympathy and let me know that no one would ever consider me abusive or neglegent, I still feel awful!

On a different note, Ryan handled the entire situation like a champ! He got right in his seat and buckled up. When we got into the doctors office, he sat down and played with his robots and stayed out of the way. I looked over at him at one point while we were waiting for the doctor and noticed that he was silently observing the happenings with Alex. Chris was holding Alex at that moment, so I squatted down in front of Ryan and explained to him that Alex would be ok and how much we appreciated him being so good while we helped Alex to feel better. He started acting normal pretty quickly after that. The lady that runs the office came back and asked Ryan to go with her. She gave him a sticker and let him play beads while we worked with Alex. I was VERY thankful for that. I didn’t remember to tell her that. I will have to remember to tell her when we take Alex back on Wednesday.

Alex is sleeping now. Ryan is also in bed, though I don’t think that he is asleep. I imagine that when Alex awakens, he will be in pain. The Motrin will have worn off by then. He has been prescribed a medicine that is a Tylenol-codeine combo. He is supposed to take it every 4-6 hours, so I suppose that we’ll have a sleepy boy for a couple of days! Sigh. Maybe a shower, nap, and some chocolate would help my spirits…


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