Every Move I Make

During a day camp that my church had, Ryan learned the song, “Every Move I Make.” I taught the movement/dance portion of the preschool camp and used this song as one of our dances. So, Alex learned it at home while I was making up and practicing the steps. Alex loves to sing the “la, la’s” and will often break out in song around the house. Tonight, during their bath, Ryan began singing the entire song. I’ve heard him do it before, but this is the first time I’ve actually listened to the words he sang. Here is Ryan’s version of Every Move I Make:

Every move I make, I make in You

You are my way, Jesus

Every breath I take, I breathe in You

Every step I take, I breathe in You

You are my way, Jesus

Every breath I take, I breathe in You.


Waves of mercy (sounds more like merrrzzeee)

Waves of praise

Every moment I should, I sing Your praise

Your love has captured me

O my Lord, how can it, please?

(Here he sings the la, la’s at the top of his lungs since he has to sing over Alex to be heard!!!)

I laughed and laughed, but also thought how wonderful it is that his song still (mostly) makes sense and how it is right! Every moment of the day, we should sing His praises! But I don’t think that we, in general, do that. What does that say about the gift that He has given us in His Son? And about the many blessings that He rains down moment by moment? Has His love truly captured us? Or are we still caught up in the world instead singing worldly praises and crying over worldly things? I know that too often, I fall into the latter category. I get so caught up in my desires and dreams that I forget to praise Him. But HE IS GOD! And He is GOOD! I must remember to sing His praises every day — to Him, to my children, to my husband and other family, to my friends, and to anyone else who falls into my sphere of influence.

Lord, let my mouth be a fountain flowing with Your praise!


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